• We only make money if you save money and we have the expertise to make that happen
  • Our independently verified Trading Desk has outperformed the market for over two years 
  • See our recent Central Performance Fund results below - beating the Summer 17 season by 22%
  • Download our latest performance results for the Summer '18 gas season
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Get More with Performance Trading

We'll bring the performance of our Open Fund to your portfolio

Our trading desk is a powerful way for your energy portfolio to outperform the market, and our Performance-based model offers something that benefits every flexible energy buyer. As with every aspect of Open Energy Market, it's rooted in transparency and innovation.

For flexible energy buyersthe trading skills and tools that allow our Performance Fund to outperform the market are put to work on your energy portfolio. It's a simple model: Beyond a single administration fee, we split a percentage of the saving achieved below market average with you. And only that saving. So, we only earn a performance fee when you save - it really is as simple as that.

For fixed elements and contracts, we'll use our insight to optimise your market timing and provide advice on contract duration.

We protect our customers

Our trading methodology allows us to protect our customers on the upside and unlock benefits on the downside. We take a holistic approach, integrating risk management with our trading function and reinforcing the flexibility that ensures optimal price protection through use of a suite of proven proprietary tools. 

A unique method means unbeatable performance

You can see our results during the latest season below. We've not only outperformed the market - we're the only UK consultancy to have these results independently tracked by a Top 25 accountancy firm. You'll find our latest season results and find out more about our method and approach on our free to download Performance fact sheet.

We're ready to discuss how our expert traders, backed by OEM's automated platform and unique pricing tools, can benefit your portfolio. 

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The Open Performance Fund - Outperforming the market

Summer 2017 (closed)
Winter 2017 (closed)

Focus on the season: UK Gas, Summer 2017

After a 24 month trading window, our Open Performance Fund closed the summer 2017 season 22% below average and 31% below final market price.

To achieve this and our continued performance we employ tried and tested tools in a methodical way to offer a unique service where risk is managed.



Focus on the season: UK Gas, Winter 2017

After a short six month trading window, we closed the Perfromance Fund for this season 0.62% below the market average for the period;  8% below final market price.  From the Summer '18 season, all trading windows are a fixed 12 months.

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Download our Performance Fact sheet to take a closer look at our current results for Summer '18

We're more than flexible: Who does Performance Trading help?

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Trust Mandated trading

We'll manage your energy buying for you - our performance and method speaks for itself.

Join the Open Performance Fund

Benefit from the ready-made fund that's ourperformed the market for two years by exploring our basket options.


Action from our trading advice

Our perfromance traders are available to give you additional insight into your energy portfolio.

Supplement your insight with OPEN 

Access daily market insight through our Open platform, or subscribe to our weekly market views (see below). 

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Four types of Energy buyer who benefit from Performance Trading
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