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Non-domestic water supply was deregulated in Scotland in 2008, encouraging an increase in suppliers, driving costs down and adding value for business. When England followed in 2018, it was clear that the true benefits of deregulation would only emerge with full and active engagement from suppliers and users.

Open Energy Market was built to respond to deficiencies in the broker industry by combining technology and expertise to bring users and suppliers closer together. That means we are ready-made to help utility buyers make the most of water deregulation – putting more suppliers in front of  customers and maximising savings with our unique procurement solution, provided with our market-changing utility platform.

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  • Five reasons to join our Open Water Market

We Provide

  • A new route to water procurement
  • A secure online platform that gives you instant water reporting
  • Live supplier tenders that increase competition and maximise savings
  • Ground-breaking technology backed by industry expertise
  • A simple interface that give you instant access and insight
  • Manage and report on multiple contracts and sites
  • Account management support throughout the process
  • Historic and continuous water bill validation to ensure accuracy

You Benefit

  • Target cost savings for your business
  • Benefit from transparency and use real-time information on your contract
  • Make an informed energy choice from multiple suppliers
  • Kick-start effective energy management strategies through our technology
  • Benefit the environment by reducing your water wastage
  • Help drive industry differentiation and benefit from the innovation.
  • Keep you contract details in one secure place
  • Avoid estimated rates by monitoring through AMRs

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