• Access the wholesale energy markets through the Fund driven by performance
  • Our Fund members have confidence in published results and live tracking through the Open platform
  • Our unique shared savings structure keeps the emphasis on performance and the benefits for energy buyers 
  • Since inception, our flagship fund has out-performed the market, with all results Independently verified by a Top-25 City firm
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Join the Open Performance Fund

Join the Open Performance Fund

A Gas and Power fund that brings our performance to your portfolio

"The results are clear to see - we are the only UK consultancy with trades independently verified by a Top-20 City firm" 

Open Energy Market challenges the insight, transparency and control traditionally available to energy buyers. We offer our customers more, forming a strong relationship between buyers and suppliers through our ground-breaking technology and industry experience that benefits both sides.

With our unique Open Performance Fund, we've extended that to flexible buying, developing a revolutionary new route to energy procurement that's open to everyone. The Fund combines the insight and automation of our platform with the outstanding results achieved by our energy traders every season.

A simple model

The Fund operates across UK gas and power markets based on a 12-month trading window, and is measured against the demanding benchmark of the market average price that window Our Performance model assures our members that we are actively sharing the price risk with them, and that our trading desk is continually incentivised to achieve the cheapest price. In short the Fund ensures:

  • Price protection is always the target
  • Performance is incentivised throughout the buying period
  • Additional savings at season-close, based on Fund performance
  • Security from group trading

Built on performance

For Performance to work, results are key. It's why increasing numbers of customers are switching from traditional flexible models to a Fund that consistently performs. Through development and launch, the Fund has delivered savings against market average every season.

Those results are clear to see: You can download our performance for the 12-month Winter '18 contract across gas and power using the form on the right. The results are also verified. We are the only UK consultancy who has their trades independently verified by a Top-20 City firm. 

Visible confidence 

Our Performance Traders action trades based on applied methods and informed analysis of the markets. That same analysis is open to our customers in real-time, through a suite of Market Intelligence that supports every type of commercial energy buyer. Our weekly Market Snapshots and in-depth Open Market Reports set the tone at the start and the end of the week, through blog and email.

By joining the Open platform, our customers receive twice-daily notifications and market analysis, straight from our performance traders. Alongside their complete portfolio, they can drill down into market data and follow the trends as they develop, with regular expert commentary delivered to their personal account. 

Access Open Market Intelligence


Other routes to Performance

Parallel trading opens up the benefits outside the fund

Dependent on the size of your portfolio or your company's buying strategy, it might not be appropriate to join the Open Performance Fund straightaway. Our trading insight can be accessed in the way that suits your business. We can enhance your existing strategy with Performance elements or our Desk can work with you on a trade and advice basis.

Using the same results-driven expertise, we help:

  • Large independent flex portfolios
  • Full managed flexible schemes
  • Out of season trading programmes.
  • Fixed contract buyers keen to access Performance benefits.
Speak to one of our energy specialists using the form on the right, or call us now on 01483 492 600.
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Talk to our energy specialists about joining the Open Performance Fund now

Keep track on the Open Platform

Through secure access to a personalised account, fund members have live insight into their portfolio and fund performance.

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Open Market Graphs

Cost positioning and Fund performance

View, track and report the Fund position from your secure online account, export and analyse online and off.

Live market data and up-to-date analysis

Drill down into your portfolio and market data side-by-side, with live notifications and analysis from our Performance Trading Desk.


Winter '18 Gas [Closed]


Open Performance Fund Winter 18

Focus: Open Performance Fund, Gas

The Fund has consistently outperformed the market for over three years with the current Summer '19 contract building on the success of our Winter '18 season, in which we beat the market average after a challenging trading window of concerted price increases. 

For Winter '18, our Gas Fund closed with an absolute return over its 12-month window of nearly 13%. That return allowed us to beat the market average by 1.25%.

In the current Summer 18 contract, the Fund sits at 1.31% below market average as of mid-November. Fund members can track our trading performance for open and closed seasons on their personal Open platform account. 

Remember that our trading data is independently verified and you can also download the full season results for Winter '18 by completing the form above. 

Summer '19 Gas [Open]


Open Performance Fund Summer 19

How intelligent is your Market Intelligence?

The knowledge and expertise working behind the OPF is published in Market Intelligence that suits our customers' buying model

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