• Access advice and insight directly from our energy specialists
  • Weekly snapshots, in-depth reports and forecasts relay insight at the level that suits you
  • Our Open platform combines regular analysis and access to live market feeds with a view of your full portfolio
  • It's the same Intelligence that sits behind our unique and results-driven Open Performance Fund
Open Applied In-depth Market Intelligence
The Market Intelligence behind the Open Performance Fund

How Intelligent is your Market Intelligence?

We keep ours close to our customers' portfolios

It’s a crucial component of every energy buyer’s arsenal, but is your Market Intelligence really fit for purpose? We use our mix of expertise and automated technology to provide greater insight and support to every type of energy buyer.

Joining Open Energy Market to manage and procure your energy means access to MI linked to your portfolio. It's accessible when you need it and available in the format that suits you. For us, that's real Market Intelligence.

It's built to empower our customers with:

  • Real insight and analysis that minimises surprises
  • Contract forecasts matched with market trend analysis
  • Snapshots or in-depth reporting dependent on your buying cycle
  • Applied knowledge that directly supports market timing and contract evaluation.

For every type of energy buyer 

At Open, we don't prescribe a particular buying model. We open up the benefits of every model to support our customers' goals. Those who opt for a fixed purchasing strategy are supported with market insight on timing and contract duration analysis. Benefits traditionally associated with flexible procurement are available through access to our energy trading desk.

For flexible purchasers, we have developed a performance-based model that offers simple, risk-managed access to wholesale markets. Our traders act on advisory and mandated bases for our customers, applying a tried and tested method that delivers results every season. It's that expertise that feeds directly into our Market Intelligence.

Visible Intelligence

Our customers enjoy more visibility on the Open platform. It's where the power of our suite of Market Intelligence really comes into its own. Alongside forecasting and cost reporting tools, our customers have access to direct market feeds so they can monitor the trends highlighted in our regular updates and relate them to their portfolio.

A Week in Open Market Intelligence

Talk to our energy specialists about making the most from Open MI


Open Market Snapshot

Our early-week snapshot, bringing energy buyers up-to-speed on the latest on the UK currency, oil, gas and power markets. Available from the OEM blog.

Read the latest Snapshot

Open Market Report & Forecast

Our energy traders review of the week, and forecast for the next, demonstrating the accuracy that powers our Open Performance Fund. Available on email.

Download the latest Report
Open Platform dashboard

In-Platform Market Feeds

An Open platform account keeps market analysis and your portfolio performance in view on one page.


Twice-daily Market Notifications

Platform users have notifications delivered straight to their bespoke dashboard: news and analysis straight from our Performance Trading Desk.


Automatic Personalised Forecasting & MI

Platform users also receive automated emails delivering forecast positions for their current energy contract and the latest market analysis every week.

Add your own analysis

The Open platform delivers more than reports

Our weekly Snapshots and Reports open the door to the full insight available on our revolutionary energy management and procurement platform.

Access to the Open platform means access to regular market notifications, but also direct market feeds. Companies can drill down into seasonal data and assess trends in the same way they drill into their energy use by site or meter, all from their secure online account.

From login, we put market data and portfolio data side-by-side.

The Open Energy Market platform


The Open Performance Fund

MI backs the Gas and Power fund that brings our performance to your portfolio 

Our unique Performance Fund offers a revolutionary new route to flexible buying, and it's driven by the analysis and insight of our Market Intelligence

Developed from industry expertise, in response to our customers' needs, the OPF combines the insight and automation of our platform with the outstanding results achieved by our energy traders every season.

A simple model

The OPF operates across gas and power markets in 12-month seasons. By joining their portfolio, our customers have confidence in a fund that delivers and reports. We target and achieve market out-performance. That means beating the market average across the year before delivery and sharing those savings with our customers.

Built on performance

For Performance to work, results are key and the OPF constantly performs. Our trading desk has delivered savings against market average every season and those results are not only published but independently verified by a Top-20 City firm. 

Visible confidence 

Our Market Intelligence comes directly from our Performance Traders. So, you can have confidence that it's the same insight used to trade and out-perform the market - combined of course with our unique, tried and tested purchasing model. To see the results for Winter 2018,  just fill out the form on the right.

To learn more about the Open Performance Fund, and how it's changing the way our customers think about flexible purchasing, click the button below.

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Download our Open performance Fund results

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