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Earn upfront fees for customer introductions 

We're the marketplace that's changing energy buying, join us now.

The Open Energy Market was established to create a transparent way of doing business. We work with Partners to pass the growing benefits of our unique platform on to your customers more quickly. We're always interested in hearing from potential partners who support and believe in our goals and have a client-base who can value from our innovation.

Benefits you pass on to your customers:

  • Guaranteed savings
  • An unobtrusive portfolio management system
  • Added insight into market trends
  • Supporting collateral and expertise
  • A flexible procurement process
  • An additional, clear route to suppliers
  • Advanced benchmarking against current bills

Apply to become a Partner today

Our partnership program is as simple as our platform. Just complete the form and one of our Partner managers will be in touch to talk through the potential and the very simiple sign up process. All you need is a customer relationship you'd like to build upon.

You're looking for us.

Add long-term value to your customer relationships

Become a resale partner to make our benefits your own.

You want premium software to offer more value to your customers - to work with a platform that can streamline your business model while passing the savings on to your customers and your balance sheet. We can provide an instant new revenue stream with confidence. We're flexible and we're changing the industry. We handle the trades, you handle the relationships.

Benefits we pass on to our partners:

  • An additional revenue stream for your business
  • Demonstrable and proactive cost reduction
  • A bespoke platform to manage relationships your way
  • Lucrative introduction and portfolio fees
  • Authorised OEM partner status
  • Ahead of the curve product and update information 
  • Options to white label our technology

Our Partners benefit immediately

For the first referral and transactions an official partner can count their savings in time and money. We'll bolster your offering, efficiency and balance sheet.

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