Instantly generate a personalised energy forecast:
  • See the value of your current contract compared to today's market prices
  • Track the cost evolution analysis for the term of your contract
  • Discover our recommended next steps to better energy management
  • Unlock automated reporting to accurately budget up to three years in the future
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Unlock the power of forecasting with industry leading technology

We've been prioritising high quality reporting since 2013

We help energy buyers navigate the fast-evolving industry by providing better and faster insight into their energy use and current market conditions.

We make it as easy as possible for our customers to access information when they need it. When they come to renew their energy contract, we make sure that they have a full view of their portfolio and vision on market timing. And for us, it all starts with a forecast. While we can't predict the future, we can provide high quality reporting that prepares buyers for it. 

You can start right now. Complete our forecasting form to receive your own bespoke and complimentary report. From the second you receive it, you'll benefit from insight that protects your company's bottom line, give you greater peace of mind, and minimises surprises when your portfolio next goes to market.

Generate your Free Forecast Report


Put forecasting at the centre of your energy strategy:

  • We'll send you a full forecast report showing your contract's current position
  • But the story doesn't end there - open up a suite of reporting and cost tools, including 
    a supplier pricing module that generates fully delivered energy prices specific to your portfolio every day 
  • Set up automated forecasting, which alongside the latest market intelligence, lets you accurately budget up to three years in advance, and procure energy on the best terms
Your free energy forecast

And alongside your portfolio data... Unmissable market intelligence

Our platform's tailored forecasting and reporting tools work alongside a range of market intelligence that provide greater insight for every type of energy buyer.

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Start the week with a Market Snapshot

The quick catch-up on energy markets, straight from our Performance Trading Desk, distilled for energy buyers to get up-to-speed in 60 seconds.

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Market updates every morning and afternoon

Our platform users receive daily market notifications, alongside live and specific portfolio data, making surprises a thing of the past.

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Close the week with the in-depth market forecast

Our headline report reviews the past week, and analyses the drivers in power and gas markets for the week ahead. Join the mailing list to have these sent straight to your inbox