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Open Energy Market is working with Cool Earth to protect endangered rainforest in Northern Peru.

Every square foot of operational space covered by our energy management and procurement platform is mirrored by an equivalent area of protected rainforest.

Here's how we're getting on.

Helping Cool Earth

 "Helping Cool Earth to halt deforestation makes a real difference. Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives"

- Sir David Attenborough


230 acres

protected so far


When you manage, tender and contract your energy through Open Energy Market, you automatically add to the total rainforest protected through our partnership with Cool Earth.

Our platform translates the total footprint of your energy-contracted buildings and funds Cool Earth to protect the equivalent area of rainforest with their community partners. 

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Manage your whole energy portfolio on the Open platform, reporting instantly, side-by-side with market insight so you're ready to take your contracts to market in just a few clicks.

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Find the best supplier for your new energy contracts through a live auction, unprecedented access to suppliers and a full view of your new contract's real costs before you sign.

Certified protection

See the footprint of your contracted buildings protected in rainforest. This won't just be added to our project map, you'll also receive regular updates and a certificate demonstrating the impact you've contributed to.

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Only 24% of the Earth's remaining rainforests are intact. Continued deforestation threatens a quarter of the world's carbon stores, 20% of its oxygen production and six million species.

The act of removing swathes of rainforest directly contributes to climate change, constituting more than 12% of total CO2 emissions. 

Cool Earth halts deforestation at the front line, and is the only charity to do so. Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but also have the most to gain from its protection. As such, they are the forest's best custodians. It's where there's a real chance to end a cycle of dependency that sustains continual deforestation. Partnerships such as ours in Northern Peru are community led for a very good reason. 



Cutivireni Village children
We're working to halt rainforest destruction in Northern Peru

Cool Earth works directly with local communities to invest in sustainable livelihood support, forest health and community improvement. For over 10 years, the non-profit organisation has created partnerships that improve the quality of life for local people and protect surrounding forests as a result. Every village that partners with Cool Earth establishes a fund account and Community Association to deliver support in a way that best suits each community. Our customers directly contribute to these funds. 

We're working to halt rainforest destruction in Northern Peru, home to the the Awajún. It's an area already threatened by high levels of oil and gold extraction, but deforestation poses a considerable risk. In total, 55,113 acres are now under the control of local people in Cool Earth's partnership. Without concerted effort to halt deforestation 7,186 species of sheltered animal, 15 endangered species, and the livelihood of just over 2,200 local inhabitants face an uncertain future.

What's in one acre of rainforest in our Cool Earth partnership?

Cool Earth - What's in an Acre?

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About Cool Earth 

Cool Earth is the non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. Through their innovative community-led partnership approach the charity has so far saved 901,679 acres of endangered rainforest which equates to the protection of 216,402,960 trees, 234,436,540 tonnes of stored carbon, and 68,527,604,000 litres of water every  year. Discover more about Cool Earth's projects, approach and success.

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